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Global Market Astro predicts the future trends of financial markets based on a well-established forecasting methodology and provides the forecast in the form of monthly and intra-day daily trend forecast charts. As a life time achievement we have compared and compiled the past 30 years historical market data of around 7000 financial products like Global stock market indices, stocks, International currency exchange rates of various currencies. Global Market Astro was officially launched in 2013 with a motive to help the financial market beneficiaries like investors and traders with the financial trend forecasts. From then on, we are continuously working to forecast the upcoming monthly and daily market trends. Unlike other share market trading tips providers, global market astro is the only website to provide forecast for such a huge number of global stocks, indices and currencies. All our predictions of the markets are arrived using artificial intellect based on pure mathematical calculations. Our predictions are nearer to 100% accuracy levels, reliable and our users can very well adapt our trend forecast charts as stock trading signals. We are completely independent and have no ties with any companies, stock exchanges, or any other financial institutions.

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